Order your custom hull today through our website for 10% off!  Email us now! Inflatableboatracing@gmail.com


#IBR #inflatableboatracing #gemini #infanta #aquarius #ceasar

Order your custom hull today through our website for 10% off!  Email us now! Inflatableboatracing@gmail.com


#IBR #inflatableboatracing #gemini #infanta #aquarius #ceasar

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We dare you to race. 

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For the very first time in U.S. history, inflatable boats have officially raced offshore at the Point Pleasant Beach Grand Prix. 

Although small in comparison to Miss Geico, the speedy inflatables lead the start of the race, taking off right at noon.

Thousands of spectators lined the shore and filled the boardwalk restaurants and bars to see the powerboats race the Grand Prix. With 7 classes all in two races, the ocean was full of revving engines and excitement!

Roy Ball — a South African inflatables champion — lead the first Northeast Thundercat inflatable across the finish line with co-pilot Maria Murphy. In second finished driver Bob Mountain with his son Robert as co-pilot. And due to unfortunate engine trouble, driver Deon Victor with co-pilot Arryan Murphy didn’t quite finish but we’re proud and thrilled to run the first race offshore!

The Spring 2016 season is kicking off at #IBR and Northeast ThunderCat Racing. Lots of races planned for this season, hope to see you there!

May 20-22 – Pt Pleasant Beach, NJ http://www.njoffshore.org/

June 2-5  Lake Ozark, MO  http://www.funlake.com/lake-of-the-ozarks-powerboat-races

July 9-10  West Thompson Lake, CT

July 22-24  Driving Clinic with Henning Blaauw  (here and at Hampton Beach)

August 11-16 Top O Michigan Marathon Race, Indian River, MI  http://www.tomorc.com/Top_O/Welcome.html

August 27-28 Fall River Grand Prix, MT Hope Bay, MA http://www.oparacing.org/videos.html

September 23-25 National Speed Record, Ohio River, Duffy, Ohio

Inflatable Boat Racing has come to Boston! Come see IBR in the New England Boat Show at the Boston Convention Center 1 – 9 pm this week and see these boats up close!


With a complete set up, IBR wants to show New England what these boats are all about. Meet the team and get involved! IBR is excited to meet you!


For those interested in racing, we can answer all your questions! Come on in!

In this year’s race, IBR and Northeast Thundercat Racing congratulate n their first place standing overall in novice class