Ceasar Thundercat


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  • 13.5 feet long
  • 6.3 feet at widest point
  • Designed for two passengers; holds up to 5
  • Extremely light weight
  • 50 HP Stock
  • 155 lbs.
  • PVC multichamber tubes within hull
  • Available in assorted colors; white, gray, red, yellow, orange, teal, light blue, and dark blue
  • Floorboard is made with marine plywood with a fiberglass outer lining finished with a gel coat
  • Open aluminum transom
  • Fiberglass nosecone
  • Built for racing & winning!
  • Stable and very capable of handling extremely rough seas and large surf due to the shock absorbing tunnel hull design
  • Excellent fuel efficiency due to low aero- and hydrodynamic drag make it over 5 times more fuel efficient than regular powerboats
  • Easily towable behind any licensed car and folds down to less than 2m3 – for storage or easy transportation
  • Being of very light weight, CEASAR THUNDERCATS can be easily carried by two people and can be launched & recovered by 1 person.
  • The CEASAR THUNDERCAT is a fantastic racing boat and guarantees you hours of exhilarating fun!