Gemini Zapcat FF-15


Shipping Worldwide


  • 13.8 feet long
  • 6.7 feet at widest point
  • 7.5 ft internal length
  • Designed for two passengers
  • Extremely light weight
  • Tube diameter 1.7 feet
  • 1775 lb buoyancy
  • 50 HP
  • 187 lbs.
  • Available in assorted colors; white, black, gray, red, yellow, orange, and blue
  • Built for racing & winning!
  • Stable and very capable of handling extremely rough seas and large surf due to the shock absorbing tunnel hull design
  • Excellent fuel efficiency due to low aero- and hydrodynamic drag make it over 5 times more fuel efficient than regular powerboats
  • Easily towable behind any licensed car and folds down to less than 2m3 – for storage or easy transportation
  • Being of very light weight, GEMINI ZAPCATS can be easily carried by two people and can be launched & recovered by 1 person.
  • The GEMINI ZAPCAT FF-15 is a fantastic racing boat and guarantees you hours of exhilarating fun!



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30 thoughts on “Gemini Zapcat FF-15

  1. Is it any chance tha you guys can send it to Norway if i order one? Off course i pay the extra expenses. What will the total price be on the package if so?

  2. Hi,

    I’m looking foward to buy a zapcat gemini ff-15, looking at your website interests me, but I would like to know buying one via online payment from United Arab Emarites is possible?

    How am I going to recieve it with a shipment? Can I know every detail and how everything works?

    Please inform me by sending me an email back as soon as you recieve my comment.

    Best regards,
    Posted Anonymously.

    1. Good morning Jaber,
      Thank you for your interest in our company. When you order a boat from us, you have the option to choose the colors of your boat, choosing from the color chart available. You will then deposit the money in our bank account and once the money cleared, we will have your boat built and sent to you directly. We will need your physical address where the boat needs to be delivered, in order to get you an exact shipping price. All merchandise must be paid in full prior to it being shipped.
      Please let us know if we can help you with anything. We shall forward you all the documents, including the color chart so that you can make your selection.
      Just let us know when you would like to proceed and then we can set the process in motion.

      Kind regards
      Deon Victor

    1. There is no “standard” color scheme. You can select from a variety of colours, black, white, blue, grey, orange, red, yellow or a combination of these colors. The nosecone comes in black or white, however, if you wanted a different color nosecone, there will be an additional fee.

  3. Hi,
    I am interested to order your boat, Gemini Zapcat FF-15 and for delivery to Brunei Darussalam.

    Does the price include the 50hp Engine?

  4. Hello, I would like to know the price of a single piece and an eventually spedition price to italy please

  5. Hello i am in Greece I am interesting for the FF-15. Can you please inform me about the price and the availability.

  6. Hello Jacob
    The new Gemini FF-15 sells for $5,695, the Ceasar F-10 sells for $5,395 and the Infanta P-1 sells for $5,495.
    We also have one demo FF-15 for sale – $4,999 and 2 used boats for $4,395 each.

    Give us a call any time at (603) 913-1683

    1. Hi Nathan
      We recommend that you keep the boat inflated and on the trailer year round. Please make sure that you let some air out (not too much though) when the boat is not in the water or being used. Please read the instructions to protect your boat. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at inflatableboatracing@gmail. com or call us at 603-913-1683.

  7. It all depends on the engine and the modifications that you would have done to the engine as well as the prop that you select for the water conditions. With a stock 50hp engine and zero modifications you should reach about 55 mph(90km/h) and with a modified 50hp engine you should reach speeds of approx. 65mph (106km/h).

    All our hulls are manufactured in South Africa.

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