Meet Wade Ball and Bobby Shaw

A great shot of Bobby and Deon! (And almost all of Wade) AFTER practice

IBR’s co-owners headed down to South Africa last week to meet and train with Wade Ball and Bobby Shaw — the winning pilot and co-pilot of the 2014-2015 Trans Agulhas. The Trans Agulhas is the world’s longest, most challenging inflatable boat race. Taking place every year in Mossel Bay, South Africa, it is 420 miles long and takes 5 days to complete. Teams race between 80 and 161 km per day in any weather conditions.

Wade Ball & Bobby Shaw: Winners of 2014/2015 Trans Agulhas

Maria and Deon were lucky enough not only to visit with these young men, but to ride and train with them out on the water in South Africa! These guys are completely dedicated to what they do. They run the Trans Agulhas every year and practice constantly. Being part of the modified class, there is also a lot of engine work that comes with the sport. IBR was more than delighted to spend some time and what goes on behind the scenes in the sport for these world champions.

Wade Ball piloting Maria Murphy out on the water!

IBR had so much fun out with Wade & Bobby. We are excited to practice what we learned in next year’s races and hope to see them very soon!

L to R: Bobby Shaw, Wade Ball, Maria Murphy, Deon Victor, and Wade’s father Roy (former champion)


One thought on “Meet Wade Ball and Bobby Shaw

  1. Congrats to Wade Ball & Bobby Shaw.., and a hello to Roy. Just spent a day with Deon & Maria down in Dunstable MA testing a couple special boats and prop set-ups. Speed was great but acceleration was impressive out of the corners.

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