Top O’ Michigan: NorthEast Thundercat Racing National Champions!!!

NorthEast Thundercat Racing had their first race this past weekend; America’s toughest outboard race: the Top O’ Michigan Marathon. Three teams raced for NETR under the P750 class. In the Infanta P-1 Pencil, Peter Pulaski (driver) and Henry Amistadi (co-pilot) came in first over the two day course. Founder of IBR in the Gemini Zapcat FF-15, Deon Victor (driver) and co-founder Maria Murphy (co-pilot) came in second place. Andrew Fralick (driver) and Graham Fralick (co-pilot) came in third — with somewhat of a struggle with the engine.

We thank the Fralicks for joining us in our first race and the first ever P750 class in the USA! We thank Steve and Jon Heuninck for their support! We thank the Yackos for their support! IBR appreciates the entire staff of Top O’ Michigan and all the other competitors of outboarding!

Founder and co-founder Deon Victor and Maria Murphy flying across Burt Lake
National Champions – Peter Pulaski and Henry Amistadi crossing the finish line!
NETR racers Peter Pulaski and Henry Amistadi heading down Indian River, MI

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